Dr. Maarten Daudeij | PhD(FA) (Well, NL) grew up in the rural South-East of the Netherlands, where he spent large parts of his younger years in contemplative solitude, wandering the forests surrounding his place of birth. 

At 27 years of age Daudeij moved to South Australia, feeling strongly drawn to the immense stillness, and eternal quality of the Flinders Ranges. Immersing himself in most intense silence, he came to understand what art-making meant for him, how he felt art was to arise through him and what he was seeking to bring about through his work. 

Daudeij’s artistic practice is strongly multi-disciplinary. He works using a vast array of media; from the most traditional techniques and approaches in painting and printmaking, to cutting-edge methods in the virtual realm.


A large part of Daudeij’s output is language-based, be this through either poetry or spoken-word, crossing over into soundscape and large scale musical installation pieces.

For Daudeij, the need to make art, more and more arises from a sense of celebration, whereby reality is sensed a 4-dimensional holographic dance. And the artist, he understands, is the dancer of such dance.  

© 2013 by Maarten Daudeij.